After 718.5 miles over 5 days of riding, your voyager pro dash mount held up great. Not once did I have a single issue with it. During our trip I checked it multiple times and it was always solid and mounted firm, even after a decent hard crash. I can say that this is a great product that you have developed.

Cameron J

I got the brake caliper adapter for the left side from MotoSwiss in the USA as I couldn't find anything adequate in the EU. The adapter is available in different colors - the workmanship is 1a.

Rocco, Tenere.de

I tested the MotoSwiss dash for this dual sport day using the Ram ball mirror mount and cell phone holder for navigation through some mountain back streets to connect trails and the lunch spot. It's a lot going on with all that on the bars, but it worked flawlessly. The mirror tucked away, the phone was accessible but never got bumped or in the way, and the dash is really nice compared to the stock setup. All in all I'm really happy, and all the extras come off real quick for dirt only times.

DieselD Thumpertalk

It survived 10 hrs. of some hard riding on Saturday...love the changes to the height, visual and ease of access to key, USB and Voyager!

Rob D, Georgia

In short, the part looks amazing.  Nice machine work, great anodize, and I love the packaging.  Clean and sustainable.

Nick S, Pennsylvania

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