CL Brakes, T700 Front Brake Pads

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CL Brakes are manufactured in France and are one of the leading brands sold across the world.

All CL pads have the German TUV approval.

  • Top performer in many brake pad comparison tests in European motorcycle magazines
  • CL pads do not cause excessive wear on brake disks
  • Excellent wet braking performance
  • Sintered metal
  • Amazing performance gain in regards to braking for you money

CL Brakes Braking Motorcycle Division has its own R&D Department dedicated to motorcycle research.

Our advanced technology is able to simulate 2-wheel braking conditions in real world conditions. Braking programs developed by our teams and top riders allow us to create simulation software that will reproduce the greatest variety of braking conditions. New brake pad compounds are created by our material engineers and tested on our in house dynamometer. Finally our compounds are tested in real conditions to ensure the performance level our customers expect. On the street, on the track and off-road.

There are two types of friction material used for motorcycle brake pads: sintered and organics. Only sintered pads can meet all the demands a modern motorcycle requires: powerful braking, no fading at extreme temperatures, braking in water, mud and sand, and no delay in cold temperatures.

Most sintered brake pads are made with nickel. Some studies have shown that nickel can cause various diseases, such as lung cancer or skin allergies. However, there are no restrictions prohibiting its use. Aware of this problem, CL Brakes has developed NONiTech: The NO NICKEL TECHNOLOGY. To protect its employees, its customers and the environment, CL Brakes are free of lead, asbestos and nickel.