EBC MD2094XC Rotor/Disk

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EBC Brakes MD2094XC Rotor

EBC ProLite XC contour rotors are the toughest and yet the lightest sport and race brake rotors you can put on your bikes for many reasons and here is why these are best.

  • The contoured profile reduces weight by 7.5% without reducing the actual “cooling mass” of the rotor.
  • New German mill rolled heat-treated stainless steel rotor blade.
  • The vertical scraper slot system removes dirt, dust, and debris quickly from the braking area.
  • A unique fully overlapping vent hole pattern reduces weight, cleans the rotor blade, and helps deglaze pads.
  • New Patented Stainless Steel SD (square drive) button drive system, prevent warping and vibration totally system – click here for full tech info.) Ultra-lightweight ductile alloy center hub.
  • The use of the SD system allows fewer drive buttons, in the case of EBC we are down to six buttons
  • Full stainless components, no rusty parts, and that’s guaranteed.